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    Playoff Game 2: Poor Pitching Action!
    Despite a shaky start, the Avengers took advantage of poor pitching conditions to win 29-15
    Aug. 11, 2004

    Rochelle looks on as Lisa scores a run. (Wolan)

    What will undoubtedly go down as the game in which no one could pitch a strike, the Avengers rallied back after quickly falling behind 10-0 to out score Berkshire Museum 29-15. The game was highlighted by a team record setting 21 run rally in the second inning.

    Game Summary

    Starting on the mound for the Avengers was team manger Andy Wolan. Wolan experienced extreme difficulty controlling the ball right from the start of the game. Though he only pitched 2/3 on an inning, he walked 5 batters and gave-up nine runs only to be relived by Palma.

    Wolan later commented that there was “a breeze blowing from my left to my right. My pitches would go straight to the batter only to curve and hook right as the ball came close to home plate. As a result, all my pitches were missing their target as the other team easily drew walks. Apparently, the breeze was strong enough to ruin the placement of my pitching.” Apparently, the feeling was mutual for pitchers on both teams.

    After giving up a run in the second, Avengers rallied back from their 10-0 deficit in dramatic fashion. The Avengers took advantage of the awful pitching conditions to draw numerous walks. If that wasn’t enough, the Avengers also took advantage of a shaky Berkshire Museum defensive unit to score multiple hits in the inning as well. This string of hits included a cheap hit towards the mound by Wolan with runners on first and second. On this play, the Berkshire Museum team was unable to make a play at any base for an out.

    The Avengers had brought 20 players to the plate before Berkshire Museum was able to record their first out. In all, the Avengers brought 26 batters to the plate and scored 21 runs by drawing 10 walks, 11 singles and 2 doubles. The 21 run rally tops GD-A’s old single inning rally record of 15 runs, which was achieved twice in the regular season: once against Wal-Mart and once against Berkshire Museum.

    Special K on first after scoring a hit. She was 4-4 for the game. (Wolan)

    From that point on, the Avengers moral was very high as they cruised through the rest of the game. Though the defense gave up a run in the second, three runs in the third and a pair in the fourth, these tallies were small giving the awful pitching conditions for the game. The GD-A defense was able to give Rick Palma a hand by recording playable outs whenever the opportunity presented itself. This included an excellent heads-up play by Rochelle at home plate. After the batter made a bunt-like hit near home, Rochelle quickly scoped-up the ball and tagged the runner before the female batter realized that the ball was indeed fair and could make a dash to first.

    The GD-A offense collected 2 runs in the third, 3 in the fourth and 3 run in the fifth to blank-out the Museum in bottom of the fifth to win by the mercy rule 29-15. Wolan later commented to the other team that they “should not feel bad: you guys get to go home, we have to play another game!” Wolan’s comment was in regards to the fact that they had to face Hardware in game 3 in the playoffs due to their win over Berkshire Museum.

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    Andy Wolan is a reporter for MLSB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Softball or its clubs.