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    GD Avengers 2004 Game Schedule

    1Tues 6/17:45vs. Berkshire Bank1PPD
    2Mon 6/76:30vs. Pezzies14-15
    3Sun 6/1312:30@ Wal-Mart318-9
    4Mon 6/147:45vs. Comfort Controls11-15
    5Tues 6/157:45vs. Berkshire Museum128-16
    6Mon 6/216:30vs. Julieano Quality Services36-15
    7Tues 6/227:45vs. GD (mirror match)314-19
    8Sun 6/274:00vs. Hardwood217-10
    9Tues 6/296:30vs. Quinns38-7
    10Tues 7/66:30vs. Berkshire Bank16-15
    11Sun 7/184:00vs. Julieano Q. S. 36-16
    12Tues 7/206:30vs. Comfort Controls 1?
    13Mon 7/266:30vs Julieano Quality Services37-22
    14Mon 7/267:45vs. Patricks Pub3CAN
    15Tues 7/276:30vs. GD (mirror match 2)3CAN
    16Tues 7/277:45vs. Hall Pallet Co3CAN
    -Sun 8/1?Round Robin Play Off Tournament - double elimination?